“I have never seen such integrity

when it comes to serving the public’s need for HONEST computer repair. These guys are such geeks with all of the good qualities that come with that personality type. They may run a bit higher because they use good quality components. Rather than using shortcuts that give short term benefit, they want to make their repairs last. I’m telling everyone I know to trust Landin, Kevin and Adam. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”-Liz via Yahoo.com

“The effort these guys put in to helping their clients is nothing short of amazing.

When I took my fiance’s computer in to be repaired (it had the virus which told us to purchase an anti-virus software) they took the time to explain several potential outcomes before he even accepted the computer. I love to recommend my friends and family to NW Computer Repair because I know they will be pleasantly surprised with great service from an amazing crew!”-Bookmdanno via Google.com

“Fantastic service!

Kevin came to our place of business and quickly and efficiently fixed our issues. It was pretty amazing to watch how fast the issue was taken care of. They also didn’t treat me like a fool, which was appreciated. And on top of all that the pricing was worth the service. I would recommend them highly.”-Chris via Google.com

“You guys are wonderful!

Thank you so very much for all you did to bring my computer back to a normal state. Your reassurance and comprehensive explanations were of great value and much appreciated. Please know that I can’t say enough about how great your team is. Hands down, you’re the best place I know for computer repair. You’re definitely worth the trip up from Bothell!!! Thanks again!”-Diane via Google.com

“Good Stuff, Maynard.

These guys know what they’re talking about and aren’t out to rip you off. Good personal service skills, too. You’re in good hands with this company.”-Miller via Google.com

“A+ skills and service, above and beyond.

These guys have helped me with many difficult issues, and they have always dealt with honesty, professionalism, and good natured humor. Adam and Kevin are both highly skilled techs, and I would not recommend another business over them. I’ve known them both from NW Computer before it closed, and they have never let me down in the two years+ I have dealt with them.”-Neuralzen via Google.com

“Northwest Computer Repair has the most reputable and skilled technicians in Whatcom County.

I wouldn’t take my business anywhere else. Highly recommended. 5 stars”-Ken via the Facebook.com